We are #lowtrafficislington. We want safer, quieter and healthier streets for all.

Local groups have sprung up all over Islington to campaign for safer, quieter streets, cleaner air and to support the Council's drive to create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) aka People Friendly Streets in Islington-speak. We currently have nine sub-groups with active websites, and thousands of members, Twitter and NextDoor supporters. Our sub-groups actively collaborate with numerous other community groups, and we hold events to celebrate the liberation of our local streets from through traffic. Our members and supporters have grown so much that we decided it was time to come together under one name – say hello to Low Traffic Islington!

Show your love for Low Traffic Islington with our Green Heart poster. Let the Council know you are one of the thousands of Islington residents who want safer, quieter and healthier streets for all.

Please print a Green Heart and put it in your window to show support:

[Green Heart on Blue Background]

[Green Heart on White Background]

[Outline Heart to Colour In]

Follow us on social media using this hashtag:


Join your local group to keep up to date or to get involved:

Barnsbury & St Mary's Twitter @BarnsburySt

Bunhill & Clerkenwell

Canonbury Twitter @canonbury2020

Finsbury Park

Highbury Twitter @highburyLTN

Mildmay Twitter @Mildmay2021

St Peter's Twitter @StPeters2020

Tollington Twitter @TollingtonLTN

Tufnell Park Twitter @TufnellParkPFS

Tell your neighbours! Let them know that Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are areas which you can drive in and out of, but can't drive through (except for existing bus routes and emergency vehicles). All homes remain accessible by car, but the layout stops people using minor roads as short cuts and makes it safer and easier to walk, wheel and cycle.

The Green Heart represents your voice for safer, quieter streets and cleaner air!

Who benefits?

In a word, everyone! Children, adults, the elderly, in their homes and on the streets, all benefit from Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Safer, quieter and healthier streets are great for all.


Low traffic = safer walking, quieter and healthier journeys. Walking = physical and mental well-being benefits.

A mix of residents

Low traffic = quieter, calmer and safer communities, with space for socialising and being outdoors. Most council estates are LTNs because they are designed with residents in mind rather than to provide through roads.

Parents and children

Low traffic = reduced fear of road traffic injury. Safer roads will enable more children to walk or cycle to school and breathe cleaner air.

Elderly & people with a disability

Low traffic = more efficient public transport and more accessible streets for mobility scooters, e-bikes, hand cycles.

Emergency services

Low traffic = less congestion and faster emergency response times.


Low traffic = healthier people. Air pollution and inactivity are major contributors to poor health. Covid-19 symptoms are made worse by dirty air from vehicle emissions.


Discouraging very short car journeys = low traffic and less congestion for those who genuinely need a car to get around. And only 26% of Islington residents own or have access to a car.

Shop owners

Low traffic = walkable streets that are more appealing for pedestrians and cyclists boost footfall and trading in nearby shops by up to 40%.

People on bicycles

Low traffic = safer routes for cyclists, great for new and returning cyclists.

The environment

Low traffic = cleaner air. Road transport accounts for nearly 50% of Islington's CO2 emissions.

Main roads

Low traffic = more people choosing to walk and cycle. Over time there are fewer car journeys, less congestion and idling; leading to more efficient public transport and cleaner air.